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Haute Studio Has a Mission

To share incredible health tools that work,  NASA  came up with the best detox science could find,  Rebounding and Infrared Sauna. We then added Dry Salt Therapy. This creates an amazing immunity builder.

Other benefits include weight loss, skin health, strong and clean cells that will bring far reaching results, Haute is good for every age and every health level. 
It is convenient and affordable  and can become your new health routine. We can't wait to have you try it.




Private full-spectrum Sauna


Dry Salt Therapy

What People Say

So happy to  find such a unique place that servers all my needs.  Starting with rebounding for exercise and stimulating your lymphatic system followed by infrared sauna that my homeopathic doctor recommended for detoxing, decrease pain, stronger immune system and also burns calories followed by a professional grade salt room to help with any allergies, skin issues and respiratory health and it feels good to just lay back and relax!  Been coming here for 9 months and feel so much better!

Julie A, CA


Each session can easily be completed in an hour

This system can take the place of the gym, with better results


Step one: Start with rebounding on a mini trampoline, at your time and pace,

Rebounding is  incredible,  burns more calories than running with no impact

It rotates lymph system in 5 minutes

Rebounding strengthens your cells which produces unexpected results like firmer skin and strengthening of organs

Rebounding will double your sauna results!


Step two: Step into your private full spectrum infrared sauna with medical grade chromotherapy (color therapy). Powerful, effective cedar saunas where 20 minutes will give you an excellent detox, burn 600 calories, strengthen your heart, heal your skin and many other benefits 

 Step three: The session ends in an active dry-salt therapy room, relax and breath in a continual mist of Himalayan sea salt. It will clean and detox lungs and sinuses, kill bacteria, aid allergies, heal skin issues and it feels great


                                                  Haute supplies towels and water                                                                                

Call to book: 818-275-3767